Top 10 Dog Groomers in Atlanta GA

Looking for the top dog groomers in Atlanta, GA? No need to look any further. We compiled a list of the top 10 groomers in the Atlanta area. Only dog groomers with 4+ Star reviews have been added to the list. We do the leg work for you so you don’t have to!


Puddle of Pooch

Puddle of Pooch Dog Grooming

Puddle of Pooch provides grooming, daycare, and boarding services. They have great reviews and they personally say that they will treat your furry friend as if it were theirs. They also offer complete bathing services and 24-hour supervision. Their Bathing Service includes the nose, ears, and eyes. They have indoor and outdoor play areas for your dog’s convenience. They also have food, delicious treats, and beds for your four-legged friend. They are even open on Sundays! Puddle of Pooch is one of the best dog grooming salons in Atlanta, Georgia.

Puddle of Pooch

Best in Show Doggy Day Care, Board & Groom

Best in Show is a great place to take your furry friend before showing him off. They have multiple grooming options and even have boarding options. They have climate-controlled rooms and indoor-outdoor running areas. They are also open for all 7 days of the week. All you have to do is make an appointment online or over the phone! Best in Show is owned by Hilde Haakensen who has had 30 years of experience.
Best in Show is also an AKC S.A.F.E. grooming salon! Best in Show has great reviews and will give excellent attention to your four-legged friend’s needs.


Fur Side Pet Grooming

Furside pet grooming is all organic and natural. With great reviews and natural stylists. They have some of the best deals and prices in Atlanta. A low-stress environment for your furry friend is guaranteed. With quality grooming and natural spas, I think you can’t pass up this opportunity. They will even trim your pet’s toenails. They have salons in East Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia! Don’t pass this wonderful salon up! 


Canine House of Style

Canine House of Style offers complete grooming services with highly experienced professionals. They give multiple different grooming choices and can give your furry friend a great teeth brushing and even a pedicure. They can also give your four-legged friend a spa! You can’t beat the great prices and skill at Canine House of Style! With great deals and discounts, You don’t want to miss out, go to Canine House of Style!  


The Clean Dog Inc.

The Clean Dog Inc. is one of the best-rated grooming salons. Mariah Hannah started this profitable business over 30 years ago and believes that their business is not just a plain and simple job, it is a philosophy. Mariah and her crew are dependable professionals.  You can always count on them to make the perfect cut for your furry friend. They have multiple grooming styles that can work for your furry friend’s breed. They also give spas and overnight boarding with great deals. They can also wash your four-legged friend to perfection! For an add on, they will brush your pet’s teeth and cut their nails. The Clean Dog Inc. is a professional grooming salon that you can rely on!


Sam Pet Grooming

Sam Pet Grooming comes to your office or house. It is a mobile groomer in the Atlanta, Georgia area, which means no hustle and bustle for you! This grooming service is highly rated! They have had over 30 years of experience! They offer multiple different grooming techniques and for a little extra they will cut your furry friend’s nails and brush their teeth! They even use all-natural shampoos. Sam Pet Grooming is what everyone needs, I mean MOBILE grooming! That is just awesome! 

(404) 563-4528
Atlanta, GA


Jazzy Paws by Andrea

 Jazzy Pawz by Andrea is one of the best spa and grooming shops in Atlanta. Andrea has a huge passion for dogs. They have multiple different grooming choices and bathing techniques too! Jazzy Pawz also sponsors multiple pet saving organizations like LifeLine Animal Project. Andrea’s team is one of the most dependable teams in Atlanta, so don’t forget to stop by with your furry friend! 


Pamper My Pet Board & Groom

Pamper my Pet is the best place to bring your four-legged friend when you are in a hurry. They can groom your furry friend right away! Pamper my Pet also has great deals and discounts for multi-dog grooms. They provide grooms, baths, walks, nail trims, and daycare! Their groomers are trusted professionals who get the job done right! They guarantee a stress-free environment for your pet. They also offer overnight boarding for your furry friend! Don’t pass this remarkable deal up, especially if you are in Atlanta! Pamper my Pet has it all! 



Doggie Style Grooming Salon

Doggie Style offers pedicures, spas, grooms, and baths at great prices! They also have great reviews. They will provide grooms and baths for your furry friend! They also guarantee a stress-free environment. All you have to do is make an appointment! Don’t miss out on this great adventure! Doggie Style even offer cool and colorful mohawks for anyone! You don’t want to miss their great deals and discounts! Go to Doggie Style Grooming Salon!